A Factual Account of My Time in Quito, Ecuador and Observations Thereof

  • Good parks
  • Playgrounds with fun(dangerous) things, such as see-saws
  • Centralized bus system with universal prices
  • Many beautiful churches in the historic area
  • Free state-subsidized museums of an acceptable quality
  • Poor theater options, only on weekends
  • Great arboreal diversity. I found a deciduous tree with needles.
  • Acceptable McFlurries, 4.5/10*
  • Ancient, gnarled cedars and junipers everywhere
  • Vibrant night life along vibrant people
  • Wallet was stolen on a bus
  • No central downtown, long commuting times on buses
  • Good quality food is easy to find, inexpensive ($3 for a full lunch)
  • Gatorade available in glass bottles
  • Generally architecturally pleasing to the eye
  • Wide selection of youth hostels for good prices

 – Willie

*This scale is based on the average American McFlurry being a 10. 0 is set as an arbitrarily horrible McFlurry. For example, a Costa Rican McFlurry is a 1, generously a 1.5.


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