Highly Recommended: Tour de Baños

Before coming to Ecuador, I talked to some friends to see where I should go, and everyone recommended Baños de Agua Santa. Whether they had been there or not, they knew it was the place to go. Having been to Baños, I would now highly recommend it, as well.

Baños has a few things going for it. 1. It’s beautiful. The town is set in a valley, completely surrounded by mountains and a volcano. “Casual beauty” Willie and I call it because it’s all around you all the time. 2. There are plenty of free or cheap way to see nature. One morning, we went hiking one morning up a mountain and just explored (got lost) on some back country roads. If you want to do adventure sports like rafting or rock climbing, this is the cheapest place to do it. 3. I hear it’s a fun party town. We had got our fill of going out in Quito, so we laid low and went to bed early for the most part.

One of our favorite activities was a bike tour of waterfalls surrounding Baños. We rented bikes ($5 each) for the day and set off down the 20 km road. Along the way, we stopped at several waterfalls and explored. Plus, the bike ride in-and-of-itself was a gorgeous tour of the valley. Before heading out, the shop owners told it was mostly downhill, easy ride. It was mostly down hill, but the head wind was so strong we had to peddle just to get down hills. Crazy. By the end of our few hours biking and exploring we were exhausted and caught a truck/taxi back to the center of town.

Now, we are headed south, towards Vilcabamba and then to a farm called Neverland. 

– Jayne








5 thoughts on “Highly Recommended: Tour de Baños

  1. Hello dear Willie and Jayne,
    Your adventures give me great joy!
    We miss you around here, Lord knows…
    but the stories you share make your absence

    LOVE to you both!



  2. Your mom just gave me the blog address, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the entries thus far. Since the ground is now white here, it is delightful to see you in shorts and tank tops and sandals. You are providing us with a wonderful glimpse of your adventures, and I hope you have many more in the days ahead. Thinking of you and wishing you well,



    1. Hi Pat! Thanks for the well wishes, it’s great to hear from you. Good luck with all that MN snow! Although warm weather is nice I do (crazily) kind of miss that snow looking at everyone’s pretty pictures.


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